US Former President Barrack Obama’s Mother in Law is Dead (Photos)

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Today, a very sad report emerged stating that President Barack Obama’s mother-in-law is dead. According to the report, Marian Robinson, the mother of former first lady Michelle Obama has lost her dear life today under unknown circumstances. This is sad news to Obama’s family and the whole world for they have lost a very important person.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purposes only.

According to the report, She was married to Fraser Robinson, in 1960, and the two were blessed with two children, Michelle Obama and brother Craig Robinson. Sadly, her husband, Fraser Robinson died in 1991 after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. The dead body has already been taken to the mortuary for preservation and autopsy as she awaits burial.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purposes only.

Below are some of her photos.

Please let’s join hands and send our most sincere condolences to their families by typing rest in peace in the comments section…..Séé Móré

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