Folic Acid Is Not For Pregnant Women Only, See What It Can Do For You

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We live in a world where we need to take care of our health. We need to gather good health now for the future. The future might not be in 5 years to come but it can be later in 3 months. Folic acid is one of the recommended supplement by doctors especially for those for are suffering from other type of illnesses. Here you will learn what folic acid can do for you, it is not only for pregnant women.

As we all know what every mineral deficiency causes harm to our health, when a person has folic acid deficiency they will suffer from certain type of anemia.

Folic acid supplement is a good medication to take, but before embarking in a journey to drink them you will have to tell your doctor of your illnesses and other chronic. Things that may include kidney disease, things that includes tgat you are alcohol and have have other types of anemia. Females that are also breastfeeding also needs to tell their doctors so that they get go ahead of needed to drink them long term based on medical conditions.

Before drinking folic acid, note the following to your doctor;

1. You have epilepsy or Seizure disorder

2. Liver disease

3. Hemolytic anemia

4. Prenicious anemia

5. Have infections

When tellkg your doctor of your health condition it will be best because some conditions needs different doses. It is best to know your dose you need to take even if you need to stay away from folic acids.

Best benefits of folic acid;

1. For pregnant women it helps their unborn babies not to have birth defects such as neural tube defects and spina bifida.

2. Will help with depression, mental impairments and impaired immune system caused by folate deficiency.

3. Promote brain health.

4. Reduce heart disease risks.

5. Improve blood sugar for diabetic patients.

6. Improve fertility.

7. Reduce inflammation.

8. Reduce medication side effects.

Everything has side effects, here is what you need to know about them below;

1. Cancer risk if you drank them in high dose for a long time.

2. Adult mental decline.

3. Suppress immune function

There are no serious side effects of drinking folic acid pills, if you are not a fan of pills then there are food best proving with folate. Have a look below;

1. Beef liver

2. Boiled spinach

3. Avocado

4. Broccoli

5. Orange juice

6. Papaya and bananas

There are lot of food that have folate content if them, what is your point of view in this? Please share to your frienda and family also please remember to follow me for more on health and fitness……Díscóver Móré

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