Why Ugandan Mathematician Was Brutally Killed under Idi Amin While 7 Months Pregnant

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More than 30 years have passed since the Tanzanian Defense Forces forced Idi Amin’s administration in Uganda to fall.However, many Ugandans continue to be frightened and plagued by memories of his autocratic rule.

Theresa Nanziri Bukenya’s family is one of them. Bukenya, a Ugandan mathematician and warden of Africa Hall, a women’s-only resident hall at Makerere University, was assassinated by Amin’s dictatorship because he refused to work with it to murder one student and abduct another.

Bukenya’s body, which had been shot in the neck, was discovered on the evening of June 22, 1976, by the banks of a river. She was 37 years old, newlywed, and seven months along in her pregnancy.

Nobody has publicly stated as of yet if Esther was aware of Serwanga’s shooting or whether she may have had a hand in the disturbances that followed……………Séé Móré

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