Ebonyi Vs Enugu: See Photos That Prove Ebonyi State Is More Beautiful And Developed Than Enugu State

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Now we want to know viewing from the pictures below the state with developed cities and also beautiful road structure.

Pls, this is for fun and not to cause an act of criticism or disparity.

So Drop your kindly opinion in the comment section about these two states.

Let’s talk about Enugu State

Enugu State is a state in the Eastern part of Nigeria and it was coined out from the old Anambra state in 1991. the major communities in the state are, Nsukka, Enugu, Awgu, and Agbani.

The state is known for it’s beautiful and developed cities with good and quality structures around it.

Here are some pictures of Enugu State

Let’s talk about Ebonyi State.

This state is also from South Eastern Nigeria. Its occupants are Igbos and it has the city of abakaliki as the biggest and also the capital of the state.

Major cities in the state are Abakaliki, Ekoli Edda, Afikpo, Onueke, Aba Omege, and others.

Here are some pictures of Ebonyi state

As for me, the Ebonyi state is more developed than Enugu.….S££ MOR£

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