“The guy who kissed me in my movie “Water & Garri” had to brush his mouth 15 times before the scene, After the scene I also brushed and rinsed my mouth 6 times” … Tiwa Savage reveals

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Tiwa Savage, a famous Nigerian singer and actress, shared a funny story about her new movie “Water & Garri.” In the movie, there is a scene where she had to kiss another actor. Tiwa revealed that the actor had to brush his teeth 15 times before they filmed the kiss. This was to make sure his breath was very fresh and the kiss was comfortable for both of them.

After they finished filming the kissing scene, Tiwa said she also brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth six times. This shows how much care and attention they put into making sure everything was clean and pleasant for the scene.

“Water & Garri” is Tiwa’s first movie, and people are very excited to see it. Her story about the kissing scene gives fans a funny and interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes in making a movie. It also shows that actors often do unusual things to prepare for their roles.

Tiwa’s story helps us understand that making movies involves a lot of hard work and sometimes strange preparations. Even something as simple as a kiss in a movie can take a lot of effort and care. Her honesty and humor about the situation make her even more relatable and beloved by her fans………….Séé Móré

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