6 Things You Should Never Allow Your Woman To Do

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1. Don’t allow your woman to borrow money from a friend or family member, it is not a good idea, and it may make your marriage or relationship a living hell. No matter the condition, be the one to provide such basic things for the family. You can take a loan or borrow some money from a friend or family members. Never let your wife be the one to beg.

A good and responsible man will never allow his woman to beg for money in the public. If you allow your wife to keep asking for money from outside, your marriage might face non-existent risk, and your woman might have these feelings that there is no need to be in this relationship or marriage if my man can’t take care of my needs and the family.

2. Never Control Her Freedom. 

Never be too harsh to your wife, no matter what. Don’t deprive your wife of her independence, she’s your woman, not a slave. Allow her to be free in the marriage or relationship, she has the right to drop her opinions and feel free in her own home.

3. Never Make Her Prepare Food Without Giving Her Money. 

Many men are under this category, no matter how rich your wife is. Your contribution of money when it comes to preparing food helps positively and shows you are the head of the family.

As a responsible man, never allow your woman to make dinner or food without giving her money to do so. It is your responsibility as a man and a husband.

4. Never allow your woman to take full responsibility when it comes to household chores. Women are not born to be the only one to clean the house and other household responsibilities.

As a man, try to help with the little you can when you are free. It helps to increase love bonds with your wife. Don’t just leave her to do everything on her own. Try to assist her with the little you can.

5. Don’t allow your partner or wife to dress irresponsibly. Remember, she’s now married, so allowing her to dress inappropriately won’t be a good idea.

So as a man, don’t turn a blind eye to your woman’s dress-code lifestyle. A woman’s dress lifestyle. A woman should know the difference between being married and being single.

6. Learn To Forgive Her. 

Some men find it hard to forgive their wife after some misunderstanding as a man learns to forgive when she’s sorry for her wrong deeds.

Remember, no one is perfect, at times we all make mistakes, so as a man, never mute your woman for days because she made you angry, learn to forgive and forget…..S££ MOR£

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