Here Is The Vehicle That Jam Your Phonecalls When The President Is Around

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The convoy of the head of the state is made up of many vehicles, those being armored. There is usually a motorcar that is steered a little distance from the one that the president is using and has antennas and a box on the rooftop. This tactical vehicle is useful in protecting the convoy whenever a VIP is going to any place.

Mobile phone jammers can thwart the signals of the mobile tracking system and the GPS signals of enemies and relay on-time conversations. The jammer can secure, constantly, and simultaneously all radio frequencies that are vastly utilized by assailants to blow up RCIEDs. Rooftop antenna layouts can be designed according to distinct frequencies and jamming objectives.

Aggressors are averted from making phone calls or anyone capitalizing on text messages or the internet. Security personnel dismantle cellular signals along the highway and can be switched on within milliseconds thus guaranteeing an increased grade of efficiency for detection and blockage. This resourceful technology of reactive jamming provides 100% safety.

Advanced jamming technology is employed to stop roadside Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices. It is entirely programmable, with up to 50 distinct jamming variances, and can encircle the entirety frequency spectrum. It can be operated concurrently with drone jammers and as part of the anti-drone system to deliver maximum security…..S££ MOR£

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