I Guess You Have Not Seen This Lady That Looks Like Pete Edochie After Make Up Application (Photos)

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The almighty God created each and every one of us in his own image and likeness which is why he carters for us.

He created us differently in such a way that no two persons are the same including identical twins. There must be something different.

He created and gave us different talents. Some are talented in dancing, cooking, singing, preaching, drum beating, Playing musical instruments, Playing soccer, writing, drawing, painting, make up,etc.

On the aspect of make ups, most of our Nollywood actors and actresses are decorated by make up artists before they venture into acting a particular.

A lady took to a Facebook group called Igboist and uploaded some of her make up skills in which she made a lady look like a carbon copy of the veteran actor Pete Edochie. Some persons also said she has tried such with Davido as well.

Take a look at the work and see if it doesn’t look like Pete Edochie. You can also see comments made by people.

I must confess that this lady is very talented in this field and if she keeps doing this, the sky would certainly be her starting point…..S££ MOR£

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