Top 6 States That Can Confidently Survive Without Any Federal Allocation

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The viability index of states using each state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) as a percentage of its federal accounts allocation for the year was measured.

States with an Internally Generated Revenue of less than 10% of their total receipts from the federal allocations are considered insolvent.

States listed as those that can survive without federal allocation: Lagos, Rivers, Ogun, Kaduna, Oyo, and Anambra.

1. Lagos in 2020 collected a federal allocation of 299 billion naira but generated 418 billion naira locally (139%).

2. Also, Rivers State which generated an IGR of 117 billion naira collected 198 billion naira as federal allocation (58%).

3. As for Ogun State, the Southwestern state made 50 billion naira IGR compared to the federal allocation of 88 billion naira (57%) it received.

4. Kaduna State generated 50 billion naira locally while its federal allocation was 124 billion naira (40%).

5. Oyo state with an IGR of 38 billion naira got 127 billion naira as federal allocation (29.7%)

6. While Anambra generated 28 billion naira compared to its federal allocation of 94 billion naira (29.6%).….S££ MOR£

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