Nigeria Life In The 60s 70s and 80s (Photos)

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The hard time in the system makes one looks back in the sweet history of this great country Nigeria before the coming of the jet era that have turn thing upside down.

Memories of the 60s, 70s and 80s lingered in my mind when i remember some sweet interesting stories told at the moonlight tales, songs of encouragement by musicians and stories that will wake up once creativity to make a positive you turn to life.

Some elders call it the “Proud Past” where the thing was done in merit and not in demerit form its done right now. Life was full of contentment, love, dignity and unity.

The coming of religion and politics stole our moral values away from us in Nigeria and till date, we are suffering from that loss.

A time when everyone treated each other like family, we don’t care about which part of the country our neighbours came from or the religion they practice. We went outside to play in the streets, built dens and climbed trees. We didn’t eat fast food… We ate Groundnuts, Kulikuli, Puff Puff, Buns, Akara, Tuwo, Danwake, Palm Oil Jollof Rice, Balewa Sweets, Bazooka Gums, Nasco, Okin Biscuits, Cuscus, Chinchin made from corn flour, white rice with groundnut oil & pepper, goruba, agbaluma, and homemade food and we got ice cream from the ice-cream man van.

Nigeria’s early beginning was full of interesting poems and songs of motivations that can make you have turn around to a bad behaviour. Some of the songs are:

1. Bata mi adun Koko ka ti mo ba Ka iwe mi (meaning my shoe will sound Ko Ko Ka if i read my books).

2. 8 o’clock is the time for school never try to be late.

3. Iwe Kiko Laisi Oko ati Ada Ko ti pe (Meaning Reading without hoes and cutlass is not complete). We played ten-ten, hide and seek, police and thief and then enjoyed visiting our neighbours, families and friends. We also visited the amusement park in the art of Apapa Amusement Park.

Nigeria humble beginning where diseases were not created out of our curiosity in making thing and greed never talk in our lives because we are all content with what we have.

There was no bottled water, we drank water from the tap or water from the Thermos flask or Clay pot. If we had a drink we would share the same bottle of juice. After wiping it with our mucky sleeves, we drank Bramah, Dr Pepper and salute and yoghurt from Northern diaries.



We ate a lot of mangoes and sugar cane depending on the season. We had a TV only to be switched on at 4 pm on weekdays and 10 am on weekends; rode our bikes or played in the rain for hours.

There was no such thing as a mobile phone or any other electronic device. We weren’t AFRAID OF ANYTHING except maybe the Nurse, the school principal or teachers at school and our parents. If someone fought, that’s what it was a fistfight. Kids didn’t have guns or knives, we played cowboys & crooks. The street lights were your curfew or until your Mom shouted out the window. The school was mandatory.

The days of going to school in groups just so we can gist and buy dankuwa, Goody goody and condensed milk with our pocket money. And no tales of Kidnapper’s scare everywhere only that mom would warn us not to collect sweets from a stranger if u don’t want to turn to a tuber of yam. Lol.

We would NOT disrespect our elders because we knew we’d get an ass whipping, with the belt, shoe or wooden spoon not forgetting the koboko invisibly hidden in every corner of the house.

Inter-street football match was superb during our time as a means of discovery of a natural talent and also a means to interwoven with other community in the Area.

But the reverse is the case to what we have in the Jet era and the more we bring in religion and politics the more Nigeria gets divided.

Can we bring back the good Old Moral days back where education was free, health care was mandatory and Agriculture was the toast of the economy.

Relating to our Proud Past.

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