Old Keke Napep Vs New Keke Napep- Which Is More Preferable?

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As we all know Bike also known as Okada or motorcycle, are no longer allowed on major road, in most cities and towns and because of that all the bike riders, has decided to go into, Keke napep business. A lot of bike riders have gone into Keke napep business, because it is a little like bike but it is more profitable, because bike can only accommodate 2 people, but Keke napep can accommodate up to 5 people.

Transportation is a very profitable business and people, that are into the business can testify to that but what makes the business more profitable, is when you have a good tricycle or bus that is very sound and won’t give you any problem. Also you will make more money from transportation, if you have a bus or tricycle that can accommodate much people.

Normally Keke Napep can only accommodate 5 people, but right now a new Keke Napep that can carry up to 7 people, is in the market and most Keke Napep riders are going for it.

This new Keke Napep has the same function with the old Keke Napep, but the only difference is that is has the build of bus like Nissan Vanette, and it can accommodate Up to 8 people while the old Keke can accommodate 5.

Another different between the two Keke is the price.

The old Keke can be bought for 600 to 700 thousand naira, while the new Keke can be bought for 1 to 1.2 million naira, which is almost twice the amount of the old Keke. This price I am talking about are for brand new Keke.

Now some people are going for the new Keke because of the accommodation, and space while some people are going for the old Keke because, it is cheaper than the new one.

See photos of the old Keke napep below

See Photos Of The New Keke Napep Below

Now the old Keke can be bought for 600 thousand to 700 thousand naira

The new Keke can be bought for 1 million to two million naira.

The old Keke can accommodate 5 people.

The new Keke can accommodate 8 people

Which of them do you think is more preferable…..See More

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