9 Things You Probably Don’t Know The Purpose Of

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Number one – the loop on the back of your shirt.

Most people look at the loop on the back of their shirt and wondered what’s for, there’s a purpose for it being on the back of your shirt.

There are actually three documented reasons but we don’t actually know which one is correct. The first is the most obvious, it’s used to hang your shirt on a hook.

It doesn’t make sense because if you hang your shirt on the hook by that loop, the shirt will become wrinkled quickly. The second could be a way to help you fasten your ties easier, the last purpose is more romantic.

Years ago, some American university students were said to have removed the loop from a shirt when they started dating a girl exclusively.

Number two – The cylinder on your laptop’s power cable.

Most people see the cylinder on their laptop’s power cable everyday and they have no idea what it’s for, some believed that it’s for decoration but it’s not so. It’s called a ferret bead and it suppresses high frequency noise in the electric circuit.

It’s designs is quite simple and It’s a specific type of electronic choke.

Number three – The tiny hole in the window of a plane.

The tiny hole is also known as bleed hole, Airplane windows are made up of plastic glass.

Without the tiny hole in the window, the inner piece of glass will shatter due to the difference in pressure between the plane’s cabin and the outside. The tiny hole let’s air move from the cabin into the other pane of glass.

The tiny hole equalizes the pressure between the two panes. It’s what keeps the cabin of the plane safe, such a tiny little hole has a huge life saving purpose.

Number four – The blue part of the eraser

Most people think that the white part of the eraser is for pencil marks while the blue part is for pen marks, this is not true.

When you erase your pencil marks with the white part it’s not uncommon for some pencil smudges to be left behind, the blue part is designed to remove any of the pencil smudges.

When the eraser producers realised that people didn’t understand the true reason for blue part of the eraser, they started marketing it to remove pen marks.

Many erasers even have a picture of pen printed on the blue part of the eraser, even though that was not its original purpose.

Number Five – The extra holes on your sneakers

Most people believes that the extra holes on their sneakers are just there for decoration, this is false.

The extra holes on your sneakers are designed to fix the shoes In place so that they don’t rub against your ankles when you are running or partaking in sports.

When you start using them, you might notice a big difference especially if you are wearing ankle socks. It also gives you more stability in your ankles.

Number six – The hole in a spaghetti spoon

All spaghetti spoon have a hole in the bottom. Some people believes it is used to drain the water while stirring the spaghetti.

The actual purpose is to measure out an accurate amount of spaghetti for one serving. While people often eat different amount of spaghetti, the amount that fits in the hole is considered one serving.

Number seven – The little pocket within the big pocket on your jeans.

This is one of the most common things that you probably don’t what it is, most people think that the small pocket of the jeans is just for decoration.

The little pocket actually served a purpose a few years ago, the little pocket were first used with the original Levi’s waist overall jeans back in 1890.

Back then, pocket watches were very popular and the small pocket was designed to hold pocket watches.

Today when people don’t really carry pocket watches anymore, the little pocket don’t have much of a purpose.

Number Eight – The hole in the top of a pen cap

People believed that the hole at the top of a pen cap would allow air to get in to their lungs if they accidentally swallowed the cap.

But If you were to swallow anything and it gets stuck in the trachea, the mucus membranes will start to swell. The hole in the cap will keep it from becoming absorbed in the membrane.

Number Nine – The snaps on the pocket of your jeans

They are not called snaps, they are called rivets, a great deal of fabric is gathered and stitched at the end of the jeans pockets.

It therefore needs more strength due to the extra stitching and the rivets will give the pocket more strength, therefore, preventing it from tearing.…..See More

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