The Only Animal In The World With A Bullet Proof Body (Photos)

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The pangolin is the only mammal whose entire body is covered in scales, and it uses those scales to defend itself against predators in the wild. A pangolin will immediately curl into a tight ball and use its sharp-scaled tail to defend itself if it feels threatened.

Pangolins are not completely bulletproof, despite accounts of gunshots ricocheting off of them. Pangolins’ scales, however, might offer the best defense against anything that might pierce their skin.

Due to the fact that they consume ants, pangolins are frequently referred to as “scaly anteaters”. Termites, larvae, and other small insects are also part of their diet because they are insectivorous.

They can consume up to 70 million insects annually by using their lengthy snouts and tongues for feeding.Pangolins only come together to mate and only stay together for a day or so. One kid is born after a gestation period of roughly 140 days, and it stays hidden for about a month after birth in its mother’s burrow. The mother then carries her young around many times on her back. For almost a year, she will keep it in her lair.

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