2 Powerful Prophets Of God Who Were Taken To Heaven Directly Without Dying (Photos)

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God said that everyone on Earth must die at some point, but the Bible mentions two persons who never died. Because they have lost loved ones, death always brings a lot of anxiety and grief into people’s life. Let’s take a look at some Bible characters that went to paradise without eveThe r dying.

1. Enoch

Enoch was an obedient person in the eyes of the Lord, thus he made it a point to live in the Lord’s ways at all times. After Adam and Eve had died, Enoch was one of the few persons who remained faithful to the Lord’s devotion.

God was constantly pleased with Enoch’s actions because, unlike many others in those days, he was frightened before the Lord.

Because they shared one item, God was able to interact with Enoch one-on-one. According to the Bible, Enoch devotedly served the Lord, and as a result, God chose to raise him up. Because Enoch did not experience death, he is among those who were able to obtain a direct ticket to heaven.

2. Elijah.

During King Ahab’s reign, Elijah served as a prophet, and he used to condemn the king’s and his wife’s bad deeds.

Because she was an idol worshiper, Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, was murdering God’s prophets. Because the Israelites had rebelled against God, Elijah determined to send drought to the country of Israel.

Jezebel wished to assassinate Prophet Elijah because he had become a major threat to her. The Lord’s prophet cried out to the Lord and God, expressing his dread for his life…..See All

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