5 Lies Every Cheating Girlfriend Will Always Use to Defend Herself

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When a girlfriend is caught cheating, she might try to use different lies to defend herself and make things look less bad. Here are five common lies she might use:

1. “It Didn’t Mean Anything”

Explanation: She says that the cheating was just a physical thing and had no emotional value. She tries to make it seem like it wasn’t important and that it didn’t affect her feelings for her partner.
Why She Uses It: She hopes that by saying it was meaningless, her partner will feel less hurt and more likely to forgive her.

2. “We Were on a Break”

Explanation: She claims that she thought they were taking a break from the relationship. This lie suggests that she believed she was allowed to see other people because they weren’t really together at that time.

Why She Uses It: She uses this excuse to create confusion about the relationship status and to make it seem like she wasn’t really cheating because she thought they were temporarily apart.

3. “I Didn’t Want to Hurt You”

Explanation: She says she hid the affair because she didn’t want to cause pain. She claims she was planning to tell the truth eventually but was waiting for the right moment.

Why She Uses It: By saying this, she tries to make it look like she was thinking about her partner’s feelings, even though she was actually being deceitful.

4. “You Made Me Do It”

Explanation: She blames her partner for her cheating, saying it happened because he wasn’t giving her enough attention or they were fighting a lot.
Why She Uses It: This lie shifts the blame onto her partner, making it seem like he caused the cheating by not being a good boyfriend.

5. “It Will Never Happen Again”

Explanation: She promises that she has learned from her mistake and will never cheat again. She begs for another chance and says she will change.

Why She Uses It: She hopes that by promising to be faithful in the future, her partner will forgive her and give the relationship another try.….See More

If You Notice A Woman Doing The Following Things, Am Sorry Sir, She is Just Using You

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