From Food Seller To Gospel Singer: The Inspiring Journey Of Chioma Jesus (Photos)

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Each of us was born with a unique destiny. Destiny can be delayed, but not denied. It is only a question of time before one’s life is transformed.

Some people get theirs earlier than usual, while others don’t get theirs for a long time. The most vital point is that, like Gospel Singer Chioma Jesus, our destiny must be fulfilled.

Long before Amaka Okwuoha, better known as Chioma Jesus, rose to fame as a gospel singer, she worked as a food vendor locally known as “Mama Put.” She worked in this business for a long time before God changed her life.

According to Chioma Jesus, she was selling food to make ends meet. She enjoyed singing while selling food, and her pastor encouraged her.

She began to receive invitations to various churches, crusades, and events as time went on. Her style of singing was so unique that her voice could touch people’s hearts. She began her music career from there, and she is now well-known throughout Nigeria with over 490,000 Instagram followers.

Many Christians today choose to do nothing while they await God’s blessing. You must find something to keep yourself busy, just as Chioma Jesus did before her life changed greatly.

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Always remember that an idle mind is the devils’ workshop. Continue to work hard while praying to God, and never try comparing yourself to others since we all have a different destiny.

The most important thing is that you pray and start small. God does not send you food or money when you’re at home. You must leave the house and go to work, and he will send your destiny helper. Keep in mind that your destiny helper may be one of your customers.

However, make an effort to be nice to everyone you come into contact with. Continue to pray, work hard, and live a moral life, and God will reward you. May the Almighty God bless your efforts and elevate you to greater heights.

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