I’m 39, Single And I Want A Man Who Can Love Me”Woman Says While Stating The Kind Of Man She Wants

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A media personality named Njenga Njeru shared a video on his YouTube channel where a woman named Esther Wanjiru narrated her life story and how she is in need of a man who she can spend the rest of her life with. Esther was born and raised in Nyeri county but she currently resides in Ngong’.

Esther is single and searching for a man who she can get married to. She is 39 years old and she is looking for a God fearing man, responsible, serious, committed and a caring man. She wants a man who is aged 37 to 47 years old.

Esther was once married to an abusive man and thus she just parted ways with her husband. She is a mother to a 13 year old girl and she said that she is kind hearted, loving and a social person. Esther is a hardworking woman for she works on events and decor and she earns a living through that. Esther is hoping to get a man who she is going to live with. Watch the full story in the video below..S££ MOR£••

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