Meet One Of The Fattest Woman On Earth; She Couldn’t Leave Her House For Years

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The woman, Chikota Light, was brought up in the same way as any other regular youngster. She started accumulating weight in her latter years and kept on gaining weight until she was unable to move.

After a while, she got to the point where she couldn’t leave the house to go shopping or anywhere else she wanted. She was compelled to remain in her room because she couldn’t fit through the doors due to their small size. At least her life was easy; she had a toilet in her room and her family was always there to assist her.

She reportedly weighed more than her car, according to speculations. She started stuffing herself close to the door in the early stages of her weight gain so she wouldn’t have to walk far to get into her car when she needed to go somewhere. She had trouble walking, so she started using the elevators. As she felt like she was carrying five people in her body, she made an effort to walk as little as possible.

She once made an appearance with her family on the actual TV show “family by the ton.” Her cousins, who were also obese before reducing weight, convinced her to get surgery to remove the body fat. She was able to move with ease and leave her residence with pleasure for the first time in three years following the treatment. She was happy that the procedure went as planned. She claims it feels like being relieved after a protracted time of suffering. She is content to keep to herself now that she can perform her responsibilities on her own.…..See More


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