Photos Of The Man Who Allegedly Chopped His Grandmother’s Head Off For Witchcraft Allegations

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Marani residents in Kisii county were shocked by a horrific scene today after one man allegedly killed his own grandmother. It has been reported that people in their village claimed she was involving herself in witchcraft activities and even residents were avoiding their family.

According to family members who have managed to bring out clear reports this evening, the lady was killed in a land conflicts issue and not witchcraft as stated earlier. It has been reported that the rival family wanted to use power to take away that land and one of their son was even planning to call police officers.


Residents say that he suddenly got so sick to an extent that he could not talk. When he recovered, he provided a list of four people including this lady and many turned against her saying that she is bewitching people. This was what made that young man kill her brutally. The man has been arrested for murder allegations. We hope that justice will be served. (Source, Citizen TV)…..S££ MOR£

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