Why Men Pick Younger Women For Their Second Wife

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1. Biological Reasons:

Fertility: Younger women are more likely to have children. Men, even if they don’t consciously think about it, might be attracted to younger women because they can have more babies.

Health and Vitality: Younger women usually appear healthier and more energetic, which can be appealing.

2. Social and Cultural Reasons:

1. Status: In many cultures, an older man with a younger wife is seen positively. It can make the man feel proud and boost his social standing.

Power Dynamics: An older man might feel he has more control in the relationship with a younger woman. This can make him feel more secure and confident.

3. Emotional and Psychological Reasons:

Youthfulness: Being with a younger woman can make an older man feel younger. It can bring a sense of fun and excitement into his life.

Adaptability: Younger women might be more willing to adapt and change. They are often more flexible and less set in their ways compared to older women. This can make it easier for the man to shape the relationship the way he wants.

4. Family.

If the man wants more children, a younger woman is a better choice because she is more likely to be able to have children….S££ MOR£

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