Reincarnation Is Real: Reason Why You Should Believe In It

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Well there is reincarnation, I believe in that, though not in the conventional way,.I’m going to explain what reincarnation is all about..But before I do KNOW THAT YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE IN THIS WORLD..IT IS APPOINTED UNTO MAN TO DIE ONCE AND THEN ….

NOw understand that the soul of a human being has two aspects which are the active and the passive aspect. The active aspect of the soul is the intelligence or self awareness of the person which I call the real you or your real spirit to pit simply..The passive aspect of the soul is the memories, data and information of the person. After death, the active aspect of the soul transitions to the nonphysical realm. That real you will eventually come before the judgment seat and after that heaven or hell. It does not get reincarnated into the physical world. It is the passive aspect of the soul that returns.

Now it is claimed that several persons that span across different lifetimes are the same person with an oversoul that integrates all these personalities. But the truth is all souls of humankind are one oversoul. All man is Adam. Humans are a collective race. The whole planet is one being. We are all really different persons that are all part of the same consciousness called humanity. Unlike angels who fall individually, when Adam fell, all humanity fell. Because all of us humans came from Adam and we are all one.

When a person dies, the intelligence of their soul will pass on to the higher realms. But their life information and characteristic will be reintegrated into the collective unconscious mind of humanity and those information and characteristics will be imputed to a new soul that is born into the physical world.

A reason why a person has soul connections with specific individuals in the past and is even able to remember their past through hypnosis and other means is because they have an ancestral link with those individuals. The memories are not actually from their past lives, but they are obtained by tapping into the collective unconscious of humanity’s past memories. The ancestral link is the result of characteristic and personality traits of related souls being passed on to us as part of our life’s purpose in the present life…

So what gets reincanated is humanity or more specifically ancestral soul information , data characteristic etc, not the person that dies..when you die you move on unto other realms and await judgement. So while here you only have one chance to accept salvation. When you don’t there is no coming back to this world to have a second chance…………….Séé Móré

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