What Happens If Israel Sacrifices A Red Heifer?

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As Passover nears, rumors are spreading that Israelis will use the holiday to sacrifice a red heifer.

There have been nine red heifers that have been sacrificed since Moses, which Bill Cloud, the founder of Jacob’s Tent Fellowship, explains is the antidote for the golden calf.

“It is for ceremonial cleansing in order to approach God, so that’s important in relation to the rebuilding of the temple, because they don’t have a temple at this point,” Cloud explains.

This has become a point of contention for Hamas after the October 7 attack on Israel, as the group voiced its concern with the red heifer, claiming the Jews would start purifying Temple Mount.

Hamas called it an act of war.

Cloud has his thoughts on what this will mean for Israel.

“If you have the ashes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to start next week in rebuilding the temple, because if they burn a red heifer, Glenn, everybody’s going to hear about it, including the Muslim world, including the Israeli government. That would be a provocation,” Cloud tells Glenn Beck, who is wondering what this means for the human race.

“How far down the line are we on the known prophecy of the things that have to happen before the clock starts ticking for the return of Christ?” Glenn asks.

“Well, I think the clock has already started ticking,” Cloud says, though he adds that in his experience, it won’t happen the way we believe it will.

“It just always happens the way it’s written,” he says.

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