SALARY: Here’s How Much Nurses In South Africa Earn Monthly (2024)

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In South Africa, nurses’ salaries vary significantly based on qualifications, experience, and the healthcare facility where they are employed. Generally, the nursing profession is categorized into different levels, including enrolled nurses, staff nurses, and professional nurses, each with distinct salary brackets.

  1. Enrolled Nurses (EN): Typically, an enrolled nurse, who holds a diploma in nursing, can expect to earn between ZAR 10,000 and ZAR 20,000 per month. This group forms the entry-level cadre and their responsibilities are usually limited to basic patient care under the supervision of registered nurses.
  2. Staff Nurses: These are often enrolled nurses with additional qualifications or experience. Their monthly earnings range from ZAR 15,000 to ZAR 25,000. Staff nurses have more responsibilities and may oversee enrolled nurses and auxiliary nurses.
  3. Professional Nurses (PN): Holding a degree in nursing, professional nurses have a broader scope of practice, including patient management and advanced care. They typically earn between ZAR 20,000 and ZAR 40,000 per month. Their roles include administering medication, developing patient care plans, and sometimes supervising entire nursing units.
  4. Specialized Nurses: Nurses with specialized skills in areas such as intensive care, midwifery, and anesthetics can earn significantly more. Their salaries can range from ZAR 30,000 to ZAR 60,000 per month, reflecting their advanced expertise and critical roles in patient care…..Check More

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