You Just Embarrassed Us, Osun APC Calls For Adeleke’s Resignation Over Inability To Recite National Anthem Despite Using Teleprompter

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The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has demanded the immediate resignation of the state Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke over what it described as his constant embarrassment of the people of the state.

The opposition party said the latest of Adeleke’s gaffes was his inability to recite the reintroduced national anthem correctly.

The party said Adeleke’s resignation letter should be apologetic to the unsuspecting people of Osun State whom he fraudulently harvested their votes during the last staggered governorship election in the state.

A statement by the APC chairman in the state, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, said Adeleke has embarrassed the people of the state enough.

Lawal said despite Osun having the highest number of tertiary institutions after Ogun State, it is embarrassing that the Governor cannot recite the first stanza of the old National Anthem, which the country has reverted to, even when he was using a teleprompter to read it.

The state APC chairman postulated that if the video of where Governor Adeleke’s inability to recite the old National Anthem that has gone viral is anything to go by, Osun State is in serious irredeemable ignominy as the development has earned for the hitherto highly respected state on the basis of education, a ridiculous credential which was orchestrated by the supposed number one citizen of the state.

He said, “The displayed inability of Governor Adeleke to either recite or read the now adopted old National Anthem is a serious issue which should be of concern to the right-thinking indigenes of Osun State wherever they may be residing across the world.

“As a political party, we view the development of the inability of Governor Adeleke to recite the National Anthem as an embarrassment to all the stakeholders in the project called Osun State because of its debilitating image among the comity of the states making up the Federation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“What we have been contending with since the eighteen months inglorious administration of Governor Adeleke is that bizarre things of where the tail has been wagging the dog has been the unusual order of the day in the state.

“Governor Adeleke is aways in his best when he is needlessly displaying the talent of dancing and singing but remains semi-dumb whenever there is need for him to speak on or to vital issues that could be of interest to his government or the citizenry.

“We make bold to state that the Osun State of today under the constitutional leadership of Governor Adeleke remains the state where holding of weekly executive meetings are not only an aberration but held in topmost secrecy for obvious reasons of safeguarding the lapses of the governor to face the crowd and address them.

It was also for this reason that the shabbily planned and executed second*Ipade Imole* held in the seventeenth month in the life of Adeleke’s administration in Ilesa recently ended up uneventfully by entertaining complimentary praises from five packaged entities, leaving out genuine members of the public who had obtained tallies to enable them probe the governor.

“It is for these reasons and many more that we, as a party, are demanding for the immediate resignation of Governor Ademola Adeleke for his incapability and incapacity in the office.”

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