Lady Abroad Cries After Seeing How Her Kid Looks Despite Sending Money Home Monthly

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Rina, a mother working in Saudi Arabia, recently shared a deeply emotional post on social media about her child back home. Despite working hard to provide for her family, she was devastated by a video showing her son’s current living conditions, which made her cry.

Rina explained that she has been working very hard in Saudi Arabia, taking on tough jobs day and night to give her children a better future. She sends money home regularly to support her son. However, when she saw the video sent by worried neighbors, she felt immense sorrow. The video showed that her son’s living conditions were not what she had hoped for, despite the money she had been sending.

Rina shared that she couldn’t bring her child with her to Saudi Arabia when she moved for work. This separation has been very hard on her emotionally. Being far away from her child makes it difficult to ensure his well-being, and the video she received only added to her worries.

Rina’s post touched many people on social media, drawing out a lot of empathy and concern. Some people reassured her, saying that her child looked healthy and that the money she sends home is probably helping the whole family with things like food and other needs. They wanted Rina to know that her efforts were not in vain and that her financial support was indeed making a different.

Others were worried about the child’s situation, understanding the pain of being away from a loved one and the struggles of supporting family from a distance. They sympathized with Rina’s situation and offered words of comfort and encouragement.

In her emotional post, Rina mentioned that she had trusted a family member to take care of her child. She hinted that this was a difficult but good decision, suggesting that her child is now in better hands. This detail brought some relief to those concerned about the child’s well-being.

Rina’s story resonated with many people who shared their own childhood experiences in the comments. Some recalled how their best clothes were kept for special occasions and visitors, highlighting that many have faced similar challenges growing up. These shared stories showed that many people understand the sacrifices families make to provide better lives for their children…..S££ MOR£


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