Check Out Igbo Man Who Was The First Sierra Leonean President (Photos)

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Christopher Okoro Cole was a Sierra Leonean politician.


After obtaining a law degree from London University, seventy five years ago, Okoro entered the Bar at the middle temple and had his private law practising in Sierra Leone, rising through many ranks such as Commissioner of Oaths, Judge of the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone, and Justice of Appeal. In addition, he represented Sierra Leone at the World Peace through Law Conference in 1963, the Commonwealth and Empire Law Conference in 1965, and the Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Law of Treaties held in 1968 in Vienna.

After the eventual introduction of the Sierra Leonean republican constitution in the early 1971s, Okoro, an Igbo man, served as the interim Governor-General of Sierra Leone and then the president of Sierra Leone on 19 March 1971, thus making history as the first president of Sierra Leone.

Two days later, he handed power to Siaka Steven who was then Prime Minister of Sierra Leone, and then reverted to his earlier post of Chief Justice of Sierra Leone until 1978………….S££ MOR£

Source: OblongmediaVanguard

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