Check Out The Top 3 Regions That Will Develop Very Fast If Nigeria Is Finally Restructured

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Without a doubt, Nigeria remains one of the richest countries in the world to the extent that the country is currently at the top of the list in Africa and also has a good rank in the world.

The issue of restructuring is one of the most discussed issues in Nigeria, where some people believe that a new system of government is needed in order to save our country from the bad economy and security issues that we are facing.

Based on what many politicians are saying about the new system of government, it seems like they are planning to replace the current unitary system anytime soon. However, if Nigeria is restructured, these three regions may develop the fastest.

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1. South-West.

Currently, the South West is the richest region in Nigeria, with a high GDP that is far higher than many countries in Africa and around the world. As a state in the south-west, Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria, while the others, like Oyo and Ogun, are also giants in the category they fall into.

With the peaceful environment, the high companies that are located in this region and its uncountable resources, there is a high chance that it will still be the best and most quickly developed region in Nigeria if restructuring is put into consideration.

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2. South-South.

The South-South region, which has the best Nigerian resources, lies in the second position in the current richest region in Nigeria.

Just like the south-west, there is a high level of education, abundant resources, and a peaceful environment, and the free access to the sea would help this region grow fast under the new system that we are hoping for.

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3. North-West:

This northern state that is mostly based on farming also makes it to the third position, as the region contributed a lot to the high GDP of Nigeria.

Despite the fact that this region didn’t have free access to the sea, the high population and many resources lying there with the help of their large landmass would help them a lot in growing fastly if a new system of government is implemented….S££ MOR£

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