Chinese Women Busted at Tambo Airport, See the Illegal Goods Allegedly Found in Her Bag

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In a recent court ruling in Gauteng, Chinese national Shi Zhuming, aged 51, has been convicted for the illegal possession of Crayfish, a protected species under South Africa’s National Environmental Management Biodiversity (NEMBA) Act.

The conviction stems from an incident on Thursday, January 4, 2024, when Zhuming was apprehended at OR-Tambo International Airport upon her arrival from Harare. Authorities received a complaint and subsequently discovered 158 live Crayfish in her luggage. The protected species were seized and handed over to environmental authorities for further processing.

Following her arrest, Zhuming, who resides near East Gate, was promptly detained and appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court, where she was granted bail set at R30,000.

On Monday, May 6, 2024, the court delivered its verdict, imposing a fine of R50,000 on Zhuming. Additionally, she received a five-year suspended sentence, conditional upon her avoidance of similar offences under the NEMBA Act during the suspension period.

The sentencing underscores the severity with which South African authorities address violations of environmental protection laws. It serves as a deterrent to those engaging in illegal activities that threaten the country’s biodiversity.

Efforts to safeguard protected species and preserve the natural environment remain a top priority for law enforcement agencies. Such convictions reinforce the commitment to uphold regulations aimed at conserving South Africa’s rich ecological heritage.

Zhuming’s case serves as a reminder to all individuals, both local and foreign, of the consequences of disregarding environmental protection laws. As the country continues its efforts to combat illegal activities impacting its natural resources, strict enforcement measures will continue to be employed to ensure compliance with environmental legislation…..S££ MOR£



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