Look at What Her Family Wrote on Her Grave: 18-Year-Old Girl Passes Away Days After Her Birthday

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Jesus’ resurrection further cemented his promise to return for his disciples after death. That is the vow Jesus took upon his resurrection. Even though it hurts to think that our loved ones will soon be taken by the angel of death, we can find comfort in God’s promise of everlasting joy in paradise.

There is no way to ever get used to the anguish of losing a loved one. No matter how long you knew or were with the deceased before they passed away, it always feels like they were taken from you too soon. Tragically, the world just learned about the life and death of a girl who was seventeen years old. Thomani Denzhe’s tragic death has affected many people. She was a young and beautiful girl from Venda. She goes by the name Thomani Denzhe. Unexpectedly, she went a few days after her birthday party to celebrate her life’s achievements.

The massive amount of people who choose to follow her online is evidence that many people enjoyed her company. Many people looked up to her because of her extraordinary life story. Tragically, she did not survive to celebrate her birthday. On the day she passed away, her funeral and burial took place. Many people travelled to her burial from different parts of Limpopo province to show their support and condolences to her family.

Many people showed up to the funeral. Her tombstone has a very sorrowful epitaph. The inscription on her tombstone says, “no final words, no final greetings, but in paradise we shall meet again.” This is because no one saw her death coming. Please, God, give her family and friends the strength to bear this terrible loss and the peace that passes understanding.

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