There’s Nothing Like Love Anymore, It’s Now Called Trade By Barter.” Nasty Blaq

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Nasty Blaq believes that real love no longer exists and has been replaced by a kind of trade. When he says, “There’s nothing like love anymore, it’s now called trade by barter,” he means that people now treat relationships like a business deal. Instead of sharing genuine feelings, they exchange what they want from each other, much like trading goods without using money.

In his second quote, Nasty Blaq explains this idea further. He says, “I don’t mind spending so much on you as long as I know that I don’t have intentions to marry you.” This means he is okay with spending a lot of money on someone, but only if he doesn’t plan to marry them. He then clarifies, “The thing is if you want money and I want to knãck, then we just need to understand each other and provide for ourselves.” Here, “knãck” is a slang term for physical intimacy. He suggests that if one person wants money and the other wants physical affection, they can agree to give each other what they want.

Nasty Blaq is saying that modern relationships are often based on mutual benefits rather than real love. People give each other what they need, like money or physical affection, rather than sharing true emotional connections. This kind of relationship is about making deals where each person gets something in return. It is more about satisfying personal desires than building a meaningful bond…..Séé Móre

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