Wizkid Was Offered $20-million To Pick A Particular Party And Endorse It At The General Electîons But He Turned It Down.” Mi Abaga

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Wizkid, a famous Nigerian singer, was offered $20 million to support a political party in the general elections, but he turned it down. Fellow musician MI Abaga shared this story to show what kind of person Wizkid is. According to Abaga, Wizkid can’t be bought with money because he knows his own value.

Abaga apologized for talking about Wizkid’s private matters but felt it was important for people to understand his character. During the elections, many Nigerian artists showed strong principles because people were tired of the old government. They knew that Wizkid had a big influence on young people. Even with such a big offer, Wizkid stayed true to himself and his values, showing that his loyalty can’t be bought.

This shows that Wizkid is honest and genuine. He won’t support something he doesn’t believe in just for money. He works hard and stays true to what he believes is right. This attitude has earned him respect from others in the industry and from his fans. His actions are a good example of staying true to oneself and not letting money or pressure change one’s beliefs……Sëé Mórē

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