“I Am Not Searching, I Have Many Boys That Service Me” – Korra Obidi Tells Nigerians

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Korra Obidi, a famous Nigerian-American dancer and singer, recently made a bold statement that caught many people’s attention. She said, “I am not searching, I have many boys that service me.” With these words, Korra wanted to let everyone know that she is not looking for a boyfriend because she already has many men who take care of her needs.

Korra is known for being very open and honest about her life. By saying this, she showed that she is confident and happy with her situation. She does not feel pressured to be in a traditional relationship, which is often expected of women in Nigeria and many other places.

In short, Korra Obidi is telling everyone that she is happy with her life as it is. She has many men who make her happy, and she does not need to search for anything more. Her words influence some women to be confident and to live their lives in a way that makes them happy, without worrying about what others think……..Sée Móre

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