Thick Ghanaian Lady Exposes Dm From A Nigerian Man Who Body-shamed Her Publicly But Is Trying To Woo Her Privately

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A beautiful Ghanaian lady on X has come out with evidence to show how Nigerian man body-shamed her publicly on the platform and then sent her a DM to sing praises to her.

The lady, @ghanaflavour shared that her reasons for not taking internet trolls seriously was because after they troll you in front of everyone, they will come to you privately to woo you.

In her post, she shared the conversations she has had with the man in her DM after the man publicly told her to hit the gym when she posted pictures of herself showing how thick she was.

Thick Ghanaian lady exposes DM from a Nigerian man who body-shamed her publicly but is trying to woo her privately

Check her post below.

The man sent her messages telling her, he loves her and how beautiful and sexy she was. He was trying so hard to get to know her and even introduced himself and where he was from, revealing his location….. S££ MOR£

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