Amid Calls For Stop, Thousands of Israelis Demand Netanyahu Accept Peace Deal And Stop War

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In a recent development, thousands of Israelis has gathered in a massive demonstration, urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept President Joe Biden’s proposed deal to end the ongoing hostage crisis and stop ongoing military actions in Middle East, as reported by Globe Eye News.

The demonstration, which took place in the heart of Tel Aviv, saw citizens from all walks of life coming together with one unified voice, stating the need for immediate action to end the crisis that has faced the nation.

The call for Netanyahu to accept Biden’s deal comes as a result of ongoing tensions in the region, with fears of a full-blown war looming large.

The proposed deal by President Biden offers a diplomatic solution to the crisis, aiming to secure the release of Israeli hostages and end the crisis through negotiations.

The demonstration also highlighted the growing frustration among Israelis with the current state of affairs and the government’s handling of the crisis.

Many feel that decisive action is needed to bring an end to the suffering and uncertainty that has faced the nation in recent months…..Séé Móré

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