You Say You Are Agitating For Your People And You Are Destroying Their Livelihood’ -Mike Ejiofor

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The hypocritical nature of ostensibly fighting for the people while simultaneously destroying their means of livelihood through the enforcement of a sit-at-home order in the South East has been questioned by Mike Ejiofor, who served as the Director of the Department of Social Services in the past.

He pointed out that the leader of IPOB had disassociated himself from these attacks without discrimination and the orders to “Sit at Home” during his most recent court appearance. He expressed suspicion over the attacks that were being planned by IPOB, saying instead that they could be the work of criminal elements that were not linked with an organization. In an effort to address the matter, he stressed the meticulous efforts of intelligence agencies that are working in concert with security forces to locate and apprehend these offenders.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”I think there has been less attack in Abia state. Of course, that is the home state of the leader of IPOB. And the leader in his last interview in the Court has disassociated himself from these random attacks and even Sit At Home. The Ohanaeze has denounced it and the Igbo leaders have denounced it. It’s a senseless attack. You say you are agitating for your people and you are destroying their livelihood with a Sit At Home, it’s a contradiction.

And that is why I tend to believe that the attacks are not sponsored by IPOB. What do we do to stop it? First of all, our intelligence agencies have been working hard collaborating with the security agencies to fish out these criminal elements in their hideout…..Víéw Móré

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